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  • CLTC — Clathrin, heavy chain (Hc), also known as CLTC, is a human gene. PBB Summary section title = summary text = Clathrin is a major protein component of the cytoplasmic face of intracellular organelles, called coated vesicles and coated pits. These… …   Wikipedia

  • CLTC — Clarion Technologies (Business » NASDAQ Symbols) …   Abbreviations dictionary

  • Christian Leaders Training College — WEBSITE [1] The Christian Leaders Training College (CLTC) is an international Bible college. Their bebsite can be found at Contents 1 Location 2 College 3 Campus …   Wikipedia

  • BBYO International Programs — are a variety of programs held on an annual basis for members of the B nai B rith Youth Organization (BBYO) from all over the world. The programs include leadership, educational, social and community service opportunities, held both during the… …   Wikipedia

  • Clathrin — clathrin, light polypeptide (Lca) Identifiers Symbol CLTA Entrez 1211 HUGO …   Wikipedia

  • Chemnitzer Lawn-Tennis-Club — Das Clubhaus des Chemnitzer Lawn Tennis Club wurde von dem belgischen Architekten Henry van de Velde erbaut. Der Chemnitzer Unternehmer Fritz Eugen Esche ließ das Clubhaus im Jahr 1908 errichten. Auf begrenzter Fläche wurde an der Goethestraße in …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Caveolae — In biology, caveolae (Latin for little caves, singular: caveola), which are a special type of lipid raft, are small (50–100 nanometer) invaginations of the plasma membrane in many vertebrate cell types, especially in endothelial cells and… …   Wikipedia

  • Small GTPase — Small GTPases are a family of hydrolase enzymes that can bind and hydrolyze guanosine triphosphate (GTP). They are a form of G proteins found in the cytosol which are homologous to the alpha subunit of heterotrimeric G proteins, but unlike the… …   Wikipedia

  • COPII — For the 1996 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Geneva, Switzerland‎, see COP 2 (climate conference). Sec23 homolog A Ribbon diagram of the crystallographic structure of the COPII heterodimer of Sec23 and Sec24. Alpha helices are in red… …   Wikipedia

  • COPI — C terminal domain Identifiers Symbol COPI C Pfam PF06957 InterPro …   Wikipedia

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